Why did I write “Men with Hormones and the Women Who Love Them”?

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One day, some time after publishing my book about women’s hor­mones, Stop the Needless Suffering, I looked around in my own per­sonal life and in the world around me and thought, “What about men?”

What I saw was the fatigue, the hollowness, the secrecy behind sex­ual dysfunction, and the too frequent diagnosis of prostate cancer in my friends. I then launched into the study of male hormones. What I found is that men are suffering too—also needlessly.

It was distressing to see that hormone changes in men, responsible for altered physical, sexual, and cognitive functions, are universally ac­cepted as a natural part of “growing old.” This is absolutely not the case, and it is high time to debunk that myth.

A healthy lifestyle and a natural restoration of hormone balance can change all that. A man’s sex life can improve with age, he can protect his heart, bones, and other body organs, and he doesn’t have to feel depressed or walk around with enlarged breasts or a “beer belly.” I made a mental note to myself, “One day I’ll write a book about men’s hormones.”

Initially, I was totally focused on why, when, and how hormone imbalance occurs in men—from a physical standpoint. Then one day I heard an advertisement for a free online dating membership, and cu­riosity got the best of me. Being single, I signed up for a trial mem­bership. What I learned after reading countless profiles of what mid­dle-aged men are searching for in a relationship has forever changed my life. Read this book, and then give it to the woman who loves you. What you both will learn will change your lives too.

Mid-life men can and do experience physical and hormonal changes—which can be corrected. What I uncovered is another huge component that isn’t openly addressed. This component may be even more signifi­cant than the physical element. Critical to a man’s well being and vi­brancy is an emotional component.

It was at this point of discovery that I decided it was time to write the men’s “hormone” book. There is simply no point in living a life of quiet desperation. Men with Hormones and the Women Who Love Them will openly address both the physical and the emotional compo­nents—in the same book.

As you read the book, you may quickly identify yourself as one of the thousands of men who are suffering in silence. There are nearly six thousand baby boomer men turning fifty every day. A boomer male turns sixty about every fifteen seconds. Here’s the good news—men, you absolutely can return to your natural vibrant, healthy, and sexy state.

Men with Hormones and the Women Who Love Them is designed to be a simple, easy-to-read guide to help you to 1) see that you are not alone, 2) become aware that there is a reason behind the feelings and body changes that you are experiencing, 3) encourage you to seek out a qualified health care practitioner to assess and treat any hormone imbalance, and 4) encourage you to start today implementing a fun, practical solution to transform your life.

Isn’t it about time you get back to feeling sexy, vibrant, and alive?

My mission is to stop the needless suffering . . . one man and one woman at a time. Once you read the information in this book, please reach out to help someone else. We are all on this journey together. Let us empower each other to live a full, blissful, joyful, balanced life.

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