Menopause Power and Toxins

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Today’s article will focus on Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s “Step Three” in The Schwarzbein Principle Program: Reduce or Completely Avoid Toxins.

Today’s article is the fourth in a series this week designed to review key concepts discussed by Dr. Schwarzbein in her wonderful “Menopause Power Webinar Series.” The following are notes that I took from her seminar:

All toxic chemicals break you down. (Recall from the previous articles that the goal is to build/rebuild your body, not break it down.)

The following are listed as toxic chemicals: alcohol, tobacco smoke, sugar, artificial sugars, caffeine, and medications.

If you have damaged metabolism, you are likely to use alcohol to self medicate.

Beer contains gluten, a protein found in wheat grain that is hard to digest.

Artificial sugars are more harmful than sugar. The body doesn’t know what to do with artificial sugar – it therefore causes an anti-inflammatory reaction.

Artificial sugars increase the risk for diabetes and obesity.

If you are in adrenal burnout, you actually need caffeine. If you can’t stop caffeine for a day, you have adrenal burnout. When a patient says this to me, that makes the diagnosis right there.

Nobody needs to be on a statin drug for elevated cholesterol, especially a menopausal woman.

Thiazide diuretics increase the triglycerides and blood sugar levels, exacerbating diabetes.

Medications are toxins.

Dr. Schwarzbein repeatedly emphasizes that the cause of menopause must be treated – you cannot just treat the symptoms.

In tomorrow’s article, I will review Dr. Schwarzbein’s theory on hormone balancing therapy, which she has coined HBTx.

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