$10 or $1,500?

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Outrageous! The KV Pharmaceutical Company has recently been given the right to replace a $10 high risk pregnancy progesterone treatment with a $1500 synthetic injection, a total cost of $30,000 by the end of the pregnancy.

See the entire article in today’s edition of mercola.com, “How to Turn a $10 Treatment into a $30,000 Drug Money-Maker.”

The bottom line is as Dr. Mercola explains: “Using natural progesterone costs 99% less than its clearly inferior synthetic option. If you do need it, using natural progesterone is not only less expensive, it is far more effective and has less side effects.

At a time when our American public is struggling desperately to cope with exorbitant insurance fees and medical bills, WHY does the FDA allow such a travesty. . .when an inexpensive, effective, natural treatment has been in place for 50 years?

I encourage you to open the article and forward it to your congressmen. Let our voices be heard!

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